How to Save $1 million (by Age)!

The beginning of a new year causes many of us to consider goals and dreams for the months ahead. Perhaps a goal you have is saving more for retirement. While this is a good goal, it can be easy to lose motivation and focus if the dream is not specific. Instead of vague goals, be detailed regarding the amount you hope to save.

What if your goal was stated like this: “When I retire, I want to have $1 million.”

So, you want $1 million for future you in retirement, but how do you get there? One of the largest components in saving for retirement is TIME. The more time you have, the more compound interest works in your favor. If you have the goal to amass 7 figures by time you retire, consider the scenarios below to see how much you’ll need to save:

(All scenarios assume a 7% interest rate, compounded monthly. Assumed retirement age 65.)

  • Age 20: $264/month ($8.80/day)
  • Age 25: $381/month ($12.70/day)
  • Age 30: $556/month ($18.53/day)
  • Age 35: $820/month ($27.33/day)
  • Age 40: $1,235/month ($41.16/day)
  • Age 45: $1,920/month ($64/day)
  • Age 50: $3,155/month ($105.16/day)

When looking at these scenarios, consider the vast difference in what savings rate is required. A 25 year old many think $381/month is not attainable to save every month. But when broken down to a daily number, you realize that $12.70/day is much more manageable. Small steps you take now can have a big difference in what is waiting for you in retirement.

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