Stable Value vs. Money Market

Most U.S. retirement plans offer participants an investment alternative designed to provide capital preservation. Both money market and stable value funds fit this objective as they allow invested capital to remain daily liquid, earn a market-determined rate of interest, and remain at a fixed net asset value (NAV). While these two investment products serve the… Continue reading Stable Value vs. Money Market

Could this be the Financial Panic of 2023?

Investor’s Outlook April 2023. Written by Edward McIlveen, CFA (Chief Investment Officer of Francis LLC). Welcome to this quarter’s edition of Investor’s Outlook. In this issue we look at the recent banking scare caused by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and address some of today’s most pressing questions: Could this turn into a full-blown… Continue reading Could this be the Financial Panic of 2023?

The Second War on Inflation

Fed Chair Jay Powell endorsed “inflation targeting” and loose monetary policy in September 2020 but has since discarded that script, now seeking to assure the public the Fed is committed to bringing the surge in inflation under control.

The Church of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis, studying charts and patterns, is an often overlooked component to an investment strategy. We examine this method and where it could be profitable.

The Arrival of Modern Monetary Theory

We examine the tenets of MMT, look back at economic history to appraise comparable efforts, and consider the investor’s response amidst an inflationary environment spurred by growing deficit spending.

Where to Find Smart Money Moves

Investing requires much more than casual interest. When you’re looking to make stock selections, you also need great resources. In this article, we take a look at and how it can give insight into smart money moves.

When Money Dies

How great does inflation have to be before government can no longer control it? Explore this question as we review Adam Fergusson’s When Money Dies (1975).