A System to Protect Workers’ Retirement Assets Already Exists

As the new Fiduciary Rule has been open for public comment, many across the financial services industry have weighed in on the pros and cons of the proposed legislation. Francis provides the Firm opinion on how the new Rule can actually change the industry for the better; placing the best interests of investors ahead of the interests of industry players.

Stable Value vs. Money Market

Most U.S. retirement plans offer participants an investment alternative designed to provide capital preservation. Both money market and stable value funds fit this objective as they allow invested capital to remain daily liquid, earn a market-determined rate of interest, and remain at a fixed net asset value (NAV). While these two investment products serve the… Continue reading Stable Value vs. Money Market

A Path to Plan Operational Excellence

A recent article published by PLANSPONSOR Magazine emphasized the need for plan sponsors to take the administration of their retirement plans seriously. Not doing so leads to errors.

Protecting Participant Personal Data

s the personally identifiable information shared with your retirement plan service providers safe? Many providers farm or harvest this data amongst their affiliates or others in order to market and solicit additional products or services.