Market Update 9.10.20

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Market Update for September 10, 2020

Stock market momentum stalls as investors grapple with several issues

Although global economic fundamentals are rapidly improving, stock market momentum has stalled in early-September, as investors grapple with several issues.

First is a growing sense of uncertainty regarding the U.S. presidential election.  Recent polls suggest a more hotly contested race may be in the cards than originally projected at the end of June.

Second is the continued impasse on an additional U.S. fiscal stimulus bill.  Once viewed as a nearly certain occurrence, a bipartisan deal on extended unemployment benefits and direct payments to consumers is looking tougher to come by with each passing day.

Lastly are the lofty valuations that have developed in segments of the U.S. stock market, particularly within the technology sector.

Although we expect each of these issues to contribute to daily volatility, we don’t view any as powerful enough to cause a sustained pullback in equity prices amid the backdrop of highly accommodative monetary policy.

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