Mastering Emotions in the midst of Market Volatility

Mastering Emotions in the midst of Market Volatility

When the markets drop, what should you do with the negative emotions you experience? How do institutional investors keep their emotions in check? We outline recommendations, as well as the value of investment research, in this episode of the Fiduciary Advice @ Work podcast.

Market volatility accentuates the pain of negative emotions and the persuasive drive to react impulsively. In this episode, we talk with members of Francis Investment Counsel’s investment research team, specifically covering:

  • Why negative emotions are dangerous for investors
  • What to do when faced with the negative emotions that result from market volatility
  • What broader trends should attract our attention as investors – and what these trends mean
  • Why investment research matters, especially for plan fiduciaries

“We spend a lot of our [due diligence] time looking for changes whether it be within an investment manager’s portfolio, or to personnel, or to strategy itself. But in order to be able to identify those changes, you really need to have a great grasp on the qualitative elements that make any given investment manager go.”

– Jon Nolan, Senior Research Analyst