Olmsted Medical Center: Proactive Plan Cost Management

The Impact of Proactive Plan Cost Management

Find out first-hand how Olmsted Medical Center took a proactive approach to retirement plan cost management in Francis Investment Counsel’s first podcast episode showcasing the plan sponsor experience.

Hear directly from Tom Hunsberger, Director of Human Resources for Olmsted Medical Center, as we discuss how a proactive approach helped lower retirement plan costs and improve fee transparency for plan participants. More specifically, we cover:

  • Why improving fee transparency mattered to Olmsted (5:10)
  • How to better match retirement plan recordkeepers’ responsibilities with their compensation (11:45)
  • What impact investment share class selection has on fees (16:03)
  • The trust employees place in their employers (21:21)
  • Strategies that work best for equitable cost allocation (22:40)

“…[T]he average participant doesn’t look at [plan fees] very closely. They’re trusting you as their employer to do so for them… [I]t’s a big deal to have that kind of trust placed in you as an employer and a plan sponsor, and that’s what really drove us down the road we went.”

– Tom Hunsberger
Director of Human Resources
Olmsted Medical Center

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