Recorded Webinars

Recorded Webinars

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  • Women and Investing

    July 17, 2024

    Some women may face unique challenges when it comes to financial planning. Attend this webinar to learn about them and gain knowledge and confidence in financial management and investing.

  • Presidential Elections and the Markets

    June 20, 2024

    Should you make investment decisions based on who is in office? Join us for an historical look at the correlation between U.S. presidential elections and the stock market and learn strategies for diversifying in uncertain times.

  • Clearing Up the Medicare Confusion

    May 9, 2024

    Health insurance is often the biggest issue pre-retirees deal with when determining when to retire. Attend this class to learn about the different parts of Medicare and how they work together. We’ll also discuss health insurance options for those who wish to retire early.

  • Tax Efficient Investing

    April 17, 2024

    Investing in non-retirement accounts brings with it a whole new set of tax issues. Attend this class to learn about the tax implications of investing in a non-retirement account and what investing choices you should consider for reducing the tax drag on your returns.

  • 401(k) Basics

    March, 14 2024

    Your workplace retirement plan is one of the greatest tools you have to build wealth. Join us to learn how to best utilize your employer’s retirement plan.

  • Make the Most of Social Security

    February 8, 2024

    Between the confusion of what benefits you’re entitled to and when, as well as the future of Social Security, there are many opinions and questions out there. This webinar will untangle the basics of Social Security and help you plan for your future by detailing what benefits to expect in retirement.

  • Getting Your W4 Withholding Right

    January 17, 2024

    Tax time is a stressor for many who wonder if they’ll owe in or get a refund. Attend this class to learn how to fill out the new W4 form to get your withholding correct.

  • Roth In-Plan Conversions

    December 5, 2023

    If you like Roth accounts for their tax-free income in retirement, have you considered converting some of your existing pretax dollars to Roth? This class is ideal for those who’ve been told they earn too much to make Roth IRA contributions. Learn about another way!

  • Retirement Checklist

    November 14, 2023

    Retirement is an exciting time of change and new beginnings for you and your money. But planning starts well before you are eligible for AARP membership! Join us to explore a comprehensive pre-launch checklist to make sure you are completing all the necessary tasks to be ready for your new beginning: life after work.

  • Newlyweds' Guide to Money

    October 11, 2023

    “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes combining budgets for a happy marriage.” Okay, so maybe that’s not how you remember the rhyme, but talking to your honey about money is a vital part of ensuring a happy and lasting marriage. Whether you’ve just set the date or you’re several anniversaries in, join us for this webinar as we discuss the importance of marrying accounts, setting common goals, and understanding each other’s money language.

  • Get Your Priorities Straight

    September 12, 2023

    Money priorities can often be competing, leaving many workers wondering which goal should be targeted first. Join us to learn how to prioritize your money goals to achieve them all over time.

  • Making the Most of Social Security

    August 15, 2023

    Between the confusion of what benefits you’re entitled to and when, as well as the future of Social Security, there are many opinions and questions out there. This webinar will untangle the basics of Social Security and help you plan for your future by detailing what benefits to expect in retirement and how to make the most of them.

  • All About Long-Term Care

    July 13, 2023

    The need for long-term care is one of your biggest financial threats. No matter how well you plan for retirement, the need for care could ruin it all in a very short period of time. Attend this class to learn how to protect your family in the event of a long-term care need. This course will help you decide if you really need insurance and help you sort through your options.

  • Building Financial Confidence for Global Families

    June 1, 2023

    Banking, investing and retirement planning can look a little different in the United States when compared to other countries. This webinar addresses financial planning questions and concerns that may apply to people who have moved to the U.S. or have relatives abroad. Register to ensure you’re making the most of your money and building a plan that works for your financial goals.

  • Why is Everyone Talking About Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?

    April 5, 2023

    Join us for a look at how an HSA can score you a triple tax break, save you money on healthcare expenses, and help you save for retirement.

  • Investing in Inflationary Times

    February 9, 2023

    With inflation running at 40 year highs, are you making the right moves to ensure your money is keeping up? Join us as we look at how to approach investing in a high inflation environment.

  • Plan It Forward

    January 4, 2023

    Talking about and planning for the passing of money between family members can be tricky. But it is so important to take care of this today so that your family’s financial future isn’t disrupted. Join us to learn how to plan your money forward.

  • Giving More Generously

    December 6, 2022

    In this class you’ll learn about charitable remainder trusts, donor advised funds, and qualified charitable distributions as well as how you and your charities can benefit from them.

  • Why Saving Roth May Make Sense

    November 10, 2022

    Are you concerned about taxes taking a sizeable bite out of your investments? Join us as we look at the benefits of utilizing the Roth tax treatment and why this may make sense for your retirement accounts.

  • Build Wealth by Fighting Lifestyle Creep

    September 14, 2022

    Did you get a raise or promotion? Did all that new income seem to just disappear? We call this lifestyle creep. Join us for a discussion on this phenomenon and ways to mitigate the negative effects on wealth building.

  • Retirement Rules of Thumb

    August 9, 2022

    Join us for a discussion on several commonly accepted retirement and savings rules of thumb. We will discuss the origin of these rules, the strengths and weaknesses and how they may apply to your individual situation.

  • Can We Stay King of the Hill?

    July 26, 2022

    The dollar remains the world’s reserve currency affording the United States the near-term ability to print and spend money at a torrid pace. How long can this last? Join this class for a discussion about potential effects of recent economic stimulus programs.

  • What You Need to Know About Repaying Student Loans

    June 21, 2022

    Congratulations on your graduation! Now is the time to start thinking about a plan to pay off your college debt. Attend this class to learn about the many payment options and develop a strategy to put the debt behind you.

  • What's the Deal with Crypto?

    May 10, 2022

    In this class you’ll learn what cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin actually are, who the major players are, and why they’ve become so popular. We’ll also explore the future of cryptocurrencies and discuss if investing is a good idea.

  • How to Juggle Family Money Needs

    March 1, 2022

    With college costs on the rise, one common goal for parents is to ensure the kids aren’t saddled with debt when they graduate. Yet those same workers may have parents, in-laws or other family members who need financial support now, and of course, they need to save for their own retirement. Join this webinar to learn how to balance these and other savings goals while still paying for today’s family needs.

  • Help Your Money Avoid the Holiday Hangover

    January 11, 2022

    Better money management is a common new year’s resolution. Join this class to learn how to cure the post-holiday money hangover and get tips for doing money better next holiday season.

  • How to Trade Individual Stocks

    November 9, 2021

    Buying and selling individual stocks sounds like a great way to make money. But where do you begin? Join us for a look at the types of accounts, trading platforms, and order types for trading individual stocks. We’ll talk about how to research stocks and manage your expectations between speculating and investing.

  • Budgeting That Doesn't Hurt

    September 22, 2021

    Who says you have to do without?! Traditional budgeting tells us we have to remove certain expenses to save money. Tune in to learn how you can keep your favorite extras and still come out ahead!

  • Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

    August 19, 2021

    Teaching our children how to make good financial decisions is as important as teaching them right from wrong. Yet, often we ourselves were never taught the basics at home or in school. Join us as we review a checklist of essential money lessons everyone should know.

  • What to Consider Before Taking a Retirement Plan Loan

    July 22, 2021

    Taking a loan from your retirement plan may at times seem like an easy solution. Before making that decision, attend this webinar to learn more about the loan process, as well as a few dos and don’ts.

  • What You Need to Know About Naming Beneficiaries

    June 16, 2021

    One of the most important steps in estate planning is properly naming your beneficiaries. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple task can have a number of nuances and pitfalls associated with it. This webinar will explore the ins and outs of selecting beneficiaries for your retirement accounts.

  • How is Your Cybersecurity?

    March 11, 2021

    Cyber-crime is one of the fastest growing and evolving crimes in the world. How can you protect your accounts and sensitive information from cyber-thieves? This webinar will discuss the steps needed to help secure your online accounts and ensure you are protected in the event of an attack.

  • 5 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

    January 7, 2021

    Mortgage interest rates are at all-time lows, and you’ve been thinking about buying your first home for a while now, but how can you be sure you’re ready? Join us for this live webinar where we’ll cover topics such as the importance of your credit score, understanding affordability, and more.

  • Investing 101

    December 16, 2020

    Are you dazed and confused by investment jargon? Join this class to learn the basics of investing. You’ll gain insights into investment strategies and asset allocation techniques to help you become a better investor.

  • Active vs. Index Investing: Which Is Better?

    November 5, 2020

    Learn the differences between low-cost index funds and their active counterparts and how to determine which is better for you.

  • College Planning Outside the Box

    September 10, 2020

    College costs have skyrocketed over the past 30 years. Traditional borrow and spend strategies have led to huge, and often crippling, amounts of student debt. This webinar will explore ways to keep college costs in check and help reduce reliance on student loans.

  • Turning on Retirement Income

    August 13, 2020

    You’ve spent your career building savings for retirement. Now, it’s time to create a plan for turning those savings into an income that will last a life time. Join us to learn strategies for converting your savings into retirement income and to better understand your distribution options.

  • Do Presidential Elections Affect the Stock Market?

    July 15, 2023

    Join us for an historical look at the correlation between U.S. presidential elections and the stock market.

  • Mutual Funds vs. ETFs: Which Are Better?

    May 12, 2020

    Join us to better understand how mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) differ and where each approach may work best for investors.

  • Which is Better: Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

    April 8, 2020

    Join us for a look at the different types of life insurance and a guide to determining how much you need.

  • Completing the Dreaded FAFSA®

    October 3, 2019

    Join us as we highlight the important benefits to be had by completing the Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). We will also share tips for completing the application, as well as tips for keeping college costs down in general.

  • Tell Your Money Where to Go

    March 7, 2019

    Worker paychecks can be a scarce resource. Learn how to prioritize money goals and stick to a money plan. We’ll cover a basic overview of the financial planning process and attendees will receive a comprehensive financial planning checklist to track progress.

  • What To Do with Your Tax Refund

    February 14, 2019

    So you got a little bit more back from the IRS than you though you would. Before you spend it, consider what you could do with that money to impact your financial situation. Join us to talk through some great ideas for your refund.

  • Living on Commission: Budgeting on a Fluctuating Income

    January 15, 2019

    The fluctuating income experienced when living on commission poses its own set of budgeting challenges. Join this session to learn the 5 keys to success.

  • What's A Mutual Fund?

    November 15, 2018

    If you invest through an employer sponsored retirement plan then there is a very good chance you’re investing in mutual funds. Attend this webinar to learn what a mutual fund is, and the differences between them.

  • Understanding Your Retirement Plan Statement

    October 25. 2018

    Ok, admit it, it has been years since you actually looked any farther down your statement than the bold balance at the top, right?  No wait, it’s that unopened email you receive from the recordkeeper reminding you to log in to a webinar to access your statement.  We’ve all been there.  Attend this website to learn what your statement actually says and how to read it.  We will look through several examples of recordkeeper statements to identify the important parts and the common elements.

  • For Federal Employees: All About the T.S.P.

    March 8, 2018

    If you are a Reservist, Guard Member, Active Duty Service Member, Veteran, or Federal Employee with money in the Thrift Savings Plan there are important things you need to know.  This webcast will help you understand why it may be in your best interest to keep your money in the TSP until retirement.  We will do an in-depth review of the investment options available in the plan.  Additionally, we will help you understand how to get more money into the plan and eventually, how to get it out.

  • Couples Money Talk

    February 14, 2018

    Financial differences can put a great deal of stress on a relationship, but money problems do not have to become relationship problems.  In this webinar, we will be discussing how to work together to make a financial plan that feels comfortable to you and your significant other.

  • Five Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

    January 2018

    In the land of credit scores, FICO is king. Most lenders in the US use FICO scores in deciding whether to offer credit to you and at what rates. In fact, FICO scores are used in about 10 billion decisions worldwide each year. Do you know your FICO score? Do you know what determines your score? This webinar will discuss the components of the FICO credit score and five ways you can increase yours.

  • Financial Elder Care: Taking Care of Your Parents

    December 12, 2017

    We want to provide the best for our aging loved ones, but where do we begin? With financial and estate planning matters to consider, as well as the day-to-day issues affecting the care of seniors, such as assisted living and life planning, it can all be overwhelming. Join us as we discuss key elder care concepts and the steps that you need to make to protect those you care about.