The Way Back: Economic Recovery in the Wake of COVID-19

The Way Back: Economic Recovery in the Wake of COVID-19

Special guest Scott Priebe from Geneva Capital Management joins Ed McIlveen to discuss macroeconomic challenges, the psychology of investing, and how to frame investment opportunities while contending with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Listen in for more in this episode of the Fiduciary Advice @ Work podcast.

Director of Research, Ed McIlveen, welcomes Managing Principal and Portfolio Manager, Scott Priebe, from Geneva Capital Management. Join them as they discuss how the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected their macroeconomic outlook, detailing more specifically:

  • Adjustments to investment strategy in the face of so many unknowns
  • Lessons learned by comparing recent market declines with the financial collapse of 2008
  • Factors that will influence the speed and strength of economic recovery
  • Themes to keep in focus when evaluating investable opportunities

“We have been more active than we have in years over the last couple months as a result of this volatility and I think that’s what you have to do. Look at the general macro environment and understand where your risks are but at the same time really focus on those company fundamentals, because similar to the last crisis, we are fairly convinced that the survivors and those that have financial flexibility coming into this pandemic will emerge stronger.”

– Scott Priebe, Managing Principal
Portfolio Manager
Geneva Capital Management