QR Codes and Scammers

QR codes are those little scannable squares you see everywhere nowadays. They’re super handy for things like paying for parking or checking out a restaurant menu. But watch out, scammers love using them too! They’ll trick you into scanning a fake code that leads to a shady website or downloads malware onto your device.

Here’s how to stay safe:

  1. Check the source: Make sure the QR code is from a legit source before scanning. Your phone will typically show the address the QR code is directing you to, if it doesn’t look right, don’t click. 
  2. Inspect the code: Look for any signs of tampering or weird stuff that doesn’t look right. For instance, if you see a QR code sticker covering the original QR code, you might have found a scam.
  3. Be cautious with unsolicited codes: Don’t scan QR codes from random emails or texts.
  4. Watch out for urgent requests: Scammers might pretend to be official and demand immediate action.
  5. Stay informed: Keep up with the latest scams and frauds to protect yourself.

QR codes are cool, but stay sharp to avoid getting scammed!

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