Time is Your Biggest “Asset”

Investing is like a journey where patience and strategy play key roles. The most important part of this journey is time. It’s often overlooked, but it’s the key to turning small amounts of money into a lot more.

At the center of this is something called compound interest. This means you earn interest on not just what you originally put in, but also on the interest that keeps adding up. Over time, even small amounts can grow much bigger than you might expect.

This idea is shown in the Future Value formula, which looks like this: FV = P(1 + r)(t). Here, P is the initial amount, r is the interest rate, and t is time. The most important part of this formula is the ‘t’ – the time. It’s because of how this formula works that time has such a big effect. As time goes on, the amount of money you end up with grows faster and faster.

What this means is that it’s smart to start to invest early and keep your money invested. Even if you start with a little, doing it early can lead to more wealth than starting later with more money. That’s why it’s often said that being in the market for a long time is better than trying to guess the best times to get in and out.

Time is incredibly powerful when it comes to investing. It can turn small savings into big wealth. Patience and staying invested for the long term are key to making the most of your investments.

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